Emma Lasry is the 18 year-old daughter of hedge fund billionaire and Bill Clinton pal Marc Lasry. But that is not all: she is also a closet bitch. Self-described! Click play on Emma Lasry's debut pop tune video at once!

Boys wanna take her out to eat. But little do they know: she's a closet bitch. Is this completely accurate, Emma? We feel as if the word is "getting around."


In addition to her closet bitchiness, Emma has a right hook—if you want to mess. The video also indicates she may don a leather garment and attack even her closest friends with pillows, at any moment.

Emma Lasry: Billionaire's Daughter, Closet Bitch

Emma has been pursuing her music dream for some time now, but it looks as if she's finally getting her "big break." Emma, I think we will be good friends from now on.



Pics of Emma Lasry's ad campaign

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