Poor Natalie Morales. She was probably the only Today Show anchor that would agree to interview these sextuplets bursting with energy, and she gets hit in the head anyway. Video of demonic children and their behavioral issues inside!

The reason the Masche Family let their children loose on the Today Show set, was to promote their reality show, Raising Sextuplets. These children have such high energy, we're placing bets on how long it takes this exasperated Father to pull a "Jon Gosselin."

Video of one of Masche sextuplets hitting Natalie Morales in the head over what appears to be a calculator is below. What's the parental excuse for such bad behavior? Sugar, of course.

[There was a video here]

If you're curious as to how the anchor held it together for the rest of the interview, the full segment is below. It's actually kind of enjoyable to watch these kids terrorizing the set in contrast with Natalie's chipper attitude.

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