Have you heard of the Fantasy Hair phenomenon? If not, you're in luck, because Hair Battle Spectacular premiered on Oxygen last night and, needless to say, it was quite the spectacle.

The show revolves around ten contestants who compete to be the best fantasy hair stylists...in the world! These contestants also have the weirdest names ever.


Tsunami: "Being a hairstylist helps me get chicks."

Malibu chooses her model, also named Malibu.

Fingaz has sass.


Derek J, from Housewives of Atlanta, is this show's Tim Gunn:

The hair showdown has a bracket-esque structure to it. Two contestants go against each other, one being deemed a "hair-do" and the other being a "hair-don't". Hahahahaha, so clever! Then one of the don'ts gets cut. But really, this show is amazing. Just watch this final clip and be amazed.