He really would. So he gave him a bigger part. Also today: good Jane Lynch news, good Frances McDormand news, good video game news, and baaaad talk show news. Like, really bad.

You know where's a good place to act these days? Video games. It's true! Take a look at the upcoming Fallout: Las Vegas, in which you play a radioactively mutated James Caan battling with Marg Helgenberger in the deserts of Nevada. It has a cast of many famous(ish) actors: Matthew Perry, Ron Perlman, Wayne Newton (yes!), Zach Levi, Felicia Day, Grizzlor the Grizzlebot Kris Kristofferson, and most famous of all, Michael Dorn, aka Worf from Star Trek: A New Series In Which We Introduce the Holodeck Yet Don't Cop to the Fact That Should Such a Thing Actually Exist Everyone Would Just Spend All Day Sex Simulating Themselves Into an Orgasmic Stupor and Would Never Get Any Actual Final Frontier Exploration Done. That is a good cast, for a video game or a regular movie. Now, what does this game play on? NES? GameGear? Atari Lynx?? 'Cause I want to play it. [Variety]

You know that Old Spice guy, Isaiah Mustafa? Well he was cast in a small part in a Tyler Perry movie a little while back and now, hmm, he's been moved to a much bigger part in a different Perry picture. Yeah, he's out of For Colored Girls... and into Madea's Big Happy Family (kind of a step down, regardless of the part size, huh?). I wonder why Mr. Perry would want more filming time with this shirtless, clean-cut hunk. It's really mystifying. What would Tyler Perry, a fabulously wealthy and successful and decidedly single young man, want with spending time with the likes of the Old Spice guy? Maybe he just hopes they can become friends. Y'know, just best buds. That must be it. [THR]

The always wonderful Frances McDormand (even in Aeon Flux!) is taking some time to do a little producing. She optioned the book Olive Kitteridge before it won a Pulitzer and now she's brought it to HBO as a potential series, starring her as Olive. That would be fun. Though, Olive is supposed to be kinda fat... So, what? Fat suit? Big time weight gain? McDormand is also putting together a Nicole Holofcener-written adaptation of the crime novel Every Secret Thing, starring Diane Lane. So not only is Frances putting herself in good roles, she's putting other good (and needy) actresses in good roles. This is a nice woman. [Deadline]

A little Irish person named Eve Hewson (Important Detail Update! She is Bono's daughter. I wonder how she got cast in a movie!) has signed on to star with Sean Penn in This Must Be the Place, about a fading rock star who decides to become a Nazi hunter. Mmhm! That's actually what it's about. Hewson will play a punk rocker grrl who's friends with Penn. Even though she was born in 1991. Ah well. Our favorite gal Frances McDormand is also in the picture, hopefully as an old Argentinian Nazi. Movies are weird. [Variety]

It seems pretty much a confirmed deal: Jane Lynch will be hosting Saturday Night Live on October 9th. Well, OK, so NBC hasn't confirmed it or whatever, but Ryan Murphy says so! And whatever Ryan Murphy says goes because he's such a big deal these days with his musical show and his Eat Pray Love and all that. So there you have it. [EW]

Oh dear. Blood your doors everyone, the ladies are coming. Gird your loins with spittle-proof fabric, because the ladies are about to start talking. The Talk, CBS' version of the The View that is different from The View because all the women are moms, will premiere at 2pm on Monday October 18th, the year of our Lord 2010. The co-hosts are Julie Chen (token serious news lady), Holly Robinson Pete (token sassy black lady) Leah Remini (token funny lady/insane Scientologist), Sara Gilbert (token snarky liberal), Marissa Janet Winokur (token big girl), and Sharon Osbourne (token... ancient British gremlin in berserker mode?). And yes, they're all moms. Because, you know, saying "I'm a maaaaammm" has become such a symbol of strength and integrity since Sarah Palin co-opted it, this thing that humans and animals have been doing for literally millions of years. Saying "I'm qualified and interesting by sheer virtue of being a mom" is like saying "Hey, everyone, I pooped. Look, poop. I made that. Me. Poop. Now listen to my opinions on foreign policy." Well, OK, it's not exactly the same, in that one doesn't typically care for, clothe, and feed one's poop, but you know. Kudos if you're a good mom, absolutely. But asking people to revere you simply because you procreated? I don't think sooooo!! Anyway, watch The Talk. But only if you're a mom. [THR]