Today at Gawker.TV, Christina Hendricks appears in a Mad Men-themed commercial for the Emmys, Ketith Oblermann talks net neutrality, Natalie Morales gets hit by a kid on Today, the premiere of Hair Battle Spectacular, and Perez Hilton's lost Sopranos cameo.

Jimmy Fallon Channels Mad Men in Emmy Commercial Featuring Christina Hendricks
Perks of hosting this year's Emmy Awards? Starring in a commercial alongside Christina Hendricks while wearing full Mad Men garb inside the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce offices. Jimmy Fallon doesn't quite fill Don Draper's shoes, but the effort is appreciated.

Jimmy Fallon Unearths Footage of a Young Perez Hilton on The Sopranos
Perez Hilton visited Jimmy Fallon to discuss his blogging career. Hilton revealed that young Perez dreamed of being an actor. Here, Fallon brings up one of Hilton's shining moments in the form of a guest spot on The Sopranos.

Watch Natalie Morales Get Smacked in the Head By a Child on Today
Poor Natalie Morales. She was probably the only Today Show anchor that would agree to interview these sextuplets bursting with energy, and she gets hit in the head anyway. Video of demonic children and their behavioral issues inside!

Keith Olbermann Goes After Google and Verizon Ending Net Neutrality
On tonight's Countdown, Keith Olbermann welcomed CNET's Caroline McCarthy to talk about the new Google-Verizon "deal with the devil" that may end net neutrality as we know it. As you might have guessed, Keith isn't a fan of the possibility.

Hair Today, Wrong Tomorrow: This Is Hair Battle Spectacular'
Have you heard of the Fantasy Hair phenomenon? If not, you're in luck, because Hair Battle Spectacular premiered on Oxygen last night and, needless to say, it was quite the spectacle.