Wikileaks is sitting on as many as 15,000 more Afghanistan war documents, according to the Washington Post. And these are "potentially more explosive" than the 91,000 records already out there. What's Wikileaks founder Julian Assange about to drop?

Wikileaks has been under pressure from both the Pentagon and human rights groups to be more careful about its leaks in the future, so that it doesn't inadvertently provide the Taliban with a handy Guide to Traitors. This seems to be getting to Wikileaks, whose <a href="".Twitter account has been filled of late with cloak-and-dagger accusations and snippy denouncements of its critics.

Need $700k for our next harm-minimization review. Pentagon won't help.Media won't-but happy to profit. What to do?

$700k to redact some names from some documents? They are doing the harm minimization process while taking a bath in melted gold, apparently. And:

Pentagon wants to bankrupt us by refusing to assist review.Media won't take responsibility.Amnesty won't.What to do?

Yeah, why won't the Pentagon help Wikileaks release classified Pentagon documents? So mean! Whatever is in those documents, here's hoping Wikileaks takes some of that $700k and hires an actual PR person.

[Picture of Wikileaks' Julian Assange by AP]