Tonight in the world of self-loathing Real World homophobe Ryan Leslie, we learned that he hates Hurricane Katrina victims (and manual labor), refusing to help everyone build a house for one of them. Also: Knight gets all homophobic on Preston.

On tonight's episode, all of the roommates took a tour that showed them how bad of shape parts of New Orleans is in, five years after Hurricane Katrina. Afterward, MacKenzie did a bit of research and suggested that the roommates all help out by building a new house for one of the disaster's victims. Everyone was on board—except for Ryan, naturally. Here—in the most moronic way possible—he explains why he's not going to join the rest of his roommates for the sake of charity (complete with a totally non-gay, "I do hair!" outburst):

Later on, the roommates discussed how special the house-building experience had been for them, and Ryan again inserts his foot into his mouth, coming off like a spoiled, sociopathic child. He also delights in a story about Knight making Preston cry at the worksite:


And on the non-Ryan homophobic front, Knight had some choice words for Preston after he decided to dress in drag for a Lady Gaga-related event. Great to see he's picking up the slack for Ryan this week! Here's what happened:

Until next week!