Tonight, the versatile—uh, I mean, middle—Jonas Brother, Joe, guest starred on Hot in Cleveland in an episode filled with family drama, cliched teen gadgets, texting, Justin Bieber, and "Look, I'm a man now!" facial hair. Inside, video highlights.

Jonas played the estranged son of Valerie Bertinelli (I don't normally watch this show, so I'm doing the whole naming-the-actors-instead-of-the-characters thing), who moseyed his way into Cleveland for a visit with mom. When he arrived, he had a goatee!


Then, Jonas and Bertinelli went out to eat and had some awkward conversation, including talk of texting acronyms.

Jonas and Betty White had a nice conversation about Justin Bieber. White "loves her!"

Later, Jonas found out that Bertinelli had stolen his phone and been texting with his fiancé, breaking up with her and then making up with her. This did not make Jonas happy.


And finally, the episode concluded with some mother-son bonding/making up.

All's well that ends well, right?

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