Jorge Garcia's thoughts on Weezer's new album, threats of a topless Bachelorette, Daniel Radcliffe's controversial magazine covers, The Situation's workout videos, and more Jason Schwartzman/Michael Cera promotions that are worth reading.

Remembering television past: one of Paris Hilton's classic quotes from her time on The Simple Life. Can you remember back that far? To the days when Nicole Richie was fat? Me either. Image via Smashisms.

In TV News...

  • Who's the special guest star of tonight's So You Think You Can Dance finale? Ellen Degeneres. Word has it that she'll bust a move alongside "tWitch" — no word on if she'll remark about the American Idol judge-switch fiasco. [TV Squad]
  • An ex-boyfriend of Ali's (from The Bachelorette) is shopping around nude photos of her. shows Ali topless, on her knees, with her hands on her breasts. Beer is being poured on her breasts by someone who is off camera." Sounds pretty classy! [Jezebel]
  • 11 things about the year 2010 that The Simpsons got right in episodes from 1995. [11 Points]
  • The creator of Pushing Daisies, Bryan Fuller, has found a new home: Syfy. The show will be based upon the book The Lotus Caves by John Christopher. Excited to see what he comes up with! [Blastr]
  • Oh, well these are just precious: Real Housewives of D.C.'s supervillain Michaele Salahi has had her high school yearbook photos unearthed. [Jezebel]
  • Friday Night Lights' fifth and final season will premiere on October 27th. Seems pretty soon for a show who had it's 4th finale last week! [Hit Fix]
  • Grey's Anatomy spoilers: McDreamy is absolutely "devastated" and there will be a mystery wedding! [Fancast]
  • An interview with Jared Harris, also known as Mad Men's Lane Pryce. Love that guy! [AMC]
  • Pat O'Brien is making a comeback, but not on TV. He's getting his inner sportscaster on, as he's joining Fox Radio's "Loose Cannons." [TV Squad]
  • An essay on why Hannah Montana is the first real 21st century hero. Agree or disagree? [io9]
  • Jersey Shore's The Situation has a new situation—a workout video of his very own. How... predictable. [Runnin' Scared]
  • Slideshow of the day: TGIF Stars: Where are they now? Additionally, how upset should I be that I knew what all of these people were currently up to? [TV Squad]

Around the Web...

  • So, what does Jorge Garcia think about his face being the cover of Weezer's new album? He likes it, but it's not as cool as his Lost action figure. And he hated Maladroit. Didn't we all... [Movieline]
  • Jason Schwartzman interviews Michael Cera in more promotions for Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. It's actually an enjoyable read! [Interview Magazine]
  • Additionally, Jason Schwartzman announced last night that he's having a baby! Rather, his wife is, in December. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Who's excited for Ben Folds collaboration with Nick Hornby? It's due out September 28th, and if the stars align, it will be awesome. [Ben Folds]
  • Aack! Cathy, the comic strip, will come to an end this fall. Did the artist run out of jokes about chocolate, weight loss, and shoes? [Pop Watch]
  • The Hangover's Todd Phillips has been selected as the one to direct the John Belushi biopic. [Risky Business]
  • The Harry Potter kids get Entertainment Weekly's cover story, and Daniel Radcliffe gets the cover to himself. [Pop Watch]
  • Speaking of Daniel Radcliffe's recent magazine covers, have you seen his cover for Out Magazine yet? [Zap2it]
  • More useful grammatical teachings from The Oatmeal—when to use "i.e." [The Oatmeal]
  • If you want a reason to never eat vegetables again, read this story about a man who discovered a pea plant growing inside his lung. [Geekosystem]