The Way We Live Now: tempting the gods of the hanging stones. You can't afford to keep Stonehenge looking nice? Then all of your other troubles are a moot point, friend. Druids know how to kill your home equity, fast.

The British government had big plans to spruce up Stonehenge with a nice new visitor's center, but sorry, ancient gods, that's all forgotten now, thanks to a "budget squeeze."

You think this is a squeeze? Wait until you're trapped beneath a 50-ton stone toppled by a long-forgotten god of myth that feels disrespected by shabby visitor's center carpeting. That's a squeeze. You think it's some sort of coincidence that the stock market is tanking and home equity is evaporating and no amount of aid for jobless homeowners is going to make a bit of difference?

Coincidences don't exist, not in this economy. Those stones were laid with the magick hand of Merlin himself, and if you think that you can just fob him off onto some crumbling visitor's center with broken water fountains without immediately being struck with a plague of counterfeit condoms, well, you don't understand economagick as well as I thought you did. Where did you go to school, some fake sucker factory run by the Washington Post Co.? Sheesh.

Never skimp on rocks.

[Pic: Flickr]