Do you ever think about what Jersey Shore would be like if The Situation and DJ Paulie D were more like Crockett and Tubbs? Wanna talk about it? Then join our live blog of tonight's guaranteed amazing episode.

Here's what we do while watching Jersey Shore. We put on white blazers and pastel T-shirts and we run around trying to bust drug kingpins. Oh, wait. We just sit here and make fun of the guidos in the most important sociological experiment of our time. That's pretty much the same, except you have less of a chance of getting shot. How do you join in? It's easy. Just turn on your TV to MTV at 10pm when the show starts. Then, in the little white box below, just type in something funny and click "Share." Congrats, you're now live blogging. Be sure to keep refreshing the page so you can read everyone else's comments and see their responses to yours. It's going to be a fun hour.

Don't know what to talk about? Here are some suggestions:

  • JWOWW wears some really skanky stuff on the show. Do you think we can predict which one of her outfits will be the skankiest?
  • The guidos have to report to work at the ice cream shop today. Let's look for all of the funny things in the store. Do you think it's at all like bartending? Trash Bags will be great at that.
  • Which will happen first? Fighting, fucking, for The Situation trying to make another catch phrase catch on?
  • How do we still not have a Jersey Shore drinking game? When should we drink? Let's come up with the rules.

I think that's more than enough. Let's get to the comments and get our vice on!