While cooking competitions are wildly popular, there remains the problem that audiences are not able to taste the contestants' culinary offerings. Luckily, Gawker.TV, was treated to some pulled pork provided by the Southern Soul team from TLC's BBQ Pitmasters

Here's an introduction to our new favorite reality competitors, Georgia's Southern Soul Barbecue.

Who decides their fate? Why, noted barbecue enthusiast. . . Warren Sapp?


As with all cooking shows, the competitors are thrown a curveball. Before they finish their pulled pork, each team must prepare a catfish dish. This does not go well for Southern Soul.

Unfortunately,catfish proves to be the undoing of Southern Soul.


Too bad for Warren Sapp because Southern Soul's pulled pork was tasty! We didn't get the full experience, as our pork was delivered through the mail. Despite its postal journey, our pork held up well when reheated. The meat was neither tough nor mushy. The accompanying barbecue sauce brought the dish to life with a good balance of tangy tastes and sweet notes.

Thank you, Southern Soul Barbecue! Sorry about the catfish!