Tonight's episode of Jersey Shore included things you may have thought you'd never see: a game of catch with a fake boob, Pauly D becoming the sensible one in the house and... Vinny hooking up with Snooki? Stop drinking, kids.

The episode began with a conclusion to last week's brouhaha in which a hammered Angelina smacked Pauly D across the face.

[There was a video here]

The next morning, Angelina tries to play the ever popular "oh man, I was soooo wasted last night, I should never drink Malibu ever again lol! What did I do?!" card to excuse her behavior. Pauly D doesn't buy it and calls her out, and in doing so, simultaneously completes Angelina's exile in the house and takes his first step of the episode towards becoming the "sensible one" in the group (quotations used for obvious reasons). After more pointless Ronnie and Sammi fighting, the crew returns home where Vinny managed to get so drunk that he decided to put the "strange" back in "getting some strange" by hooking up with Snooki.

[There was a video here]

Oh, Vinny. Vinny. Vinnyyyyyy! You were the unlikely-yet-consistent voice of reason in the house since day one, and now you're putting yourself in these questionable positions? You are henceforth stripped of your title and Pauly D has taken your place.

Other than Snooki not liking anything about her ice cream scooping job besides the way the large ceramic cow out front makes her vagina feel, the rest of the episode was without serious event. However, I couldn't help but notice this interesting snippet of conversation. Keep in mind that it is barely taken out of context here and that it totally supports my "Ronnie is acting like a jackass because he is high as a kite" theory:

Stay off drugs, kids! And as always, remember to do you part and support your local branch of the Grenade Free Federation this week.