Highfalutin' editor Tina Brown and her even more highfalutin' husband, "Sir" Harold Evans the Elder, are the featured guests on an upcoming one of those celebrity cruise things. How delightfully low-rent!

Two whole god damn weeks in the Carribean, with no hope of escape! From the press release:

DMI's Journeys by Design program, in collaboration with Virtuoso® luxury travel network, will offer exclusive fourteen nights of unparalleled sophisticated pleasure with private Q&A sessions, personal book signings and lectures from the celebrated couple on their careers and best-selling books... Rates start at $4,498 per person for the seven-night cruise, and also include complimentary copies of both authors' latest books.

Tina, next time you need cash to get out of town for a while, just say something. There is no shame in asking for help.

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