World's greatest mother Dina Lohan (aka yours truly) was on The Today Show this morning to SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT about her daughter Lindsay's jail stint (completed) and rehab stint (in progress). Several times, things got heated. Videos inside.

Before we get to the fight between Lauer and Lohan, let's talk about this gem, in which Lohan comments on the types of friends Lindsay made during her time in jail:


Later, Lauer asked Lohan about the accusations that those closest to Lindsay (e.g. her mother) helped to contribute to her problems. Lohan, of course, thinks that is just a bunch of propaganda:

Now, the good part. During Lohan's second interview with Lauer (about an hour and a half following the first), the two spent a few minutes going at it pretty intensely. Watch below:

And finally, Lohan implies that Lindsay is FINE because her brother went to college. Buh? Also, Lindsay will make "many more" movies:


That's so Dina!