What would you do if the NYPD mentioned your brand of hidden-pocket underwear in a department-wide warning memo? Phillip "Clint" Scott, founder of underwear manufacturers Stashitwear, updated his company's site, writing "Order yours now before New York orders them all!"

Recently, the New York Police Department discovered the existence of underwear with hidden pockets. (Here's an actual quote about it, from a city police officer: "This was all new to us.") After some "police research" revealed the previously-unknown fact that "secret pocketed underwear comes in a variety of styles-briefs, boxers, thongs-and is sold by dozens of companies," a department-wide memo was issued, warning officers that "drug dealers are using underwear with secret pockets sold in stores from several different companies to hold drugs and small weapons."

One such company, Stashitwear, was "mentioned prominently" in the memo, which shocked—shocked—company founder and owner Phillip Scott, a 55-year-old Floridian who, the Wall Street Journal helpfully explains, "uses the name 'Clint' online." Scott says he created the underwear after losing his wallet on a trip, and has only had "one or two" New York customers.

The NYPD's endorsement didn't shock Scott enough to avoid taking advantage of it, however:

After speaking with a reporter, the Stashitwear owner had his website changed. The photo of Mr. Scott in which he resembled a hillbilly was replaced with one of him wearing sunglasses, a white shirt and tie.

Underneath the picture, a new message was also posted: "Order yours now before New York orders them all! Wow! Thanks New York."

Unfortunately, Scott appears to have changed the message to say "I appreciate your business," though the delightful photograph remains:

Stashitwear's website, for those looking to buy some underwear in which they can store a two-liter bottle of coke, is a treasure trove of information and cutting-edge web design (it also prominently displays the video atop this post). It features, among other things, advice on avoiding traffic tickets and a link to Scott's Paris Hilton fan site. It is a highly-recommended web shopping experience:

The NYPD, for its part, remains ever-vigilant in its watch for innovations in the criminal arts. Join us next week for "The NYPD Discovers Those One-Hitter Weed Pipes Painted to Look Like Cigarettes."

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