The Amazon River and rainforest have for years been under threat. But nestled on 24 acres of prime Peruvian jungle lies the Amazon Golf Course, an oasis of sport and leisure. The water traps even have pirhanas in them!

Just getting to the golf course is difficult. The nearest town, Iquitos is accesible only by airplane or boat. But once you do get there, you're rewarded with 33 par nine holes and, according to Time, a little danger:

The water traps are populated with piranhas; caimans - reptiles much like crocodiles though slightly smaller - tend to meander onto the course and sun themselves in the sand traps; the occasional red-tailed boa constrictor has been chased off by the grounds crew.

Exciting! And the stories to be told once you get home... priceless. But what do the locals think about this? The head caddy at the course, Cesar Diaz, told the magazine:

I think golf is great. I have a lot of fun, but the neighbors think it is kind of strange to stand around hitting a little ball."

So do we. Especially when its in the Amazon.

[Image via Shutterstock]