Last night on Bachelor Pad, Elizabeth tries to be strategical with Kovacs but admits that her emotions make her a "dumb smart girl." Kovacs says that this allows him to "utilize that situation." He implied strategically, but really meant sexually.

Cut to the moans and giggles in the shower.


Also, Gia fell for Wes. This is astounding seeing as, if you watched Jillian's season on the Bachelorette, one should know not to ever trust Wes because he is all lies and sweet talk. It's so obvious.

And, if anyone cares about the actual results, Jesse S. and Craig were ousted. This was a bit of an upset because, according to everyone's strategy, Craig was supposed to stay. However, Nikki decided to vote for Kiptyn and is now completely alienated from all the girls, which makes her sad. That's what you get, traitor.