Jersey Shore guidette Snooki supposedly broke up with her last boyfriend because he was using her for fame. Her newest beau may be doing the same thing. Let's take a look at his online acting profile, shall we?

According to the gossips, Snooki is now dating Jeff Miranda, a 24-year-old Iraq war veteran from New Jersey. They met while Snooki was filming an episode of her show at Karma, one of the Seaside Heights nightclubs that is a regular haunt for Snooki and her on-screen pals. Miranda told People that he's not interested in being on the show, but we find that hard to believe. Why? First of all, he's doing interviews with People. Also, he has a profile on casting website

GotCast is sort of like a MySpace for aspiring actors looking to—as the name implies—get cast in various TV/film projects. Miranda's profile, using the name InfantryJM has a bunch of photos and YouTube videos showing his time serving in the Army. After telling us that he's Portuguese and Sicilian and that his nickname is "Lucky" in honor of his great-grandfather, famous mobster Lucky Luciano, he talks about his passion for acting. (We didn't change a thing, because it's too priceless):

I have done some independent mobster movies. I love to act. Acting is my life. I would love to be on the big screen and entertain. Thats what i was born to do. If you want the best actor on your side who has alot of charisma, a great improvisor, great personality, and very loved by everyone then im your man. You give me a shot and i garantee you will not regret it.

And that's not the only comedy on his electronic head shot. There's also a Photoshopped Time magazine cover with his pretty guido head front and center and a headline about the new Luciano crime boss in New Jersey. (Sadly, if that were true, it would probably get him mad cred with Snooki's cronies.) Also on his profile there is, startlingly, a picture of bound and hooded Iraqi prisoners being led to an airplane. We're sure the Army would be none too thrilled with those pictures floating around.

It's possible Miranda is really in love with Snooki, but it's hard to believe him when he says he doesn't want any attention from dating her when he's actively trying to land acting jobs and be famous. It wouldn't have been hard for him to go to Seaside, get into Karma, and introduce himself to one of pop culture's hottest commodities so that he can get some time and attention in the press. It's a running joke on the show that Snooki can't ever manage to get laid, but she might be better off alone than with a string of losers trying to cash in her meal ticket.

Here are a few of the pics Miranda posted to his profile.

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The full text of his profile is below.

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