Kevin Kristopik, the Michigan teen whose number was tweeted by Justin Bieber on Saturday in a fit of vengeful rage, was on MSNBC today for an interview with Tony Alexander about the incident. It was hilariously awkward—video inside.

Let's take note of the awkward things about this three-minute interview, shall we? (This may only be a partial list.)


  • The "Bieber's Revenge" graphic, complete with a picture of the pop star's head
  • The "Kevin Kristopik / In Cyber Battle with Justin Bieber" descriptor
  • Alexander: "And through that friend, you got Bieber's digits, as they like to say..."
  • Alexander: "30,000 text messages that came into your phone, the thing must've been blowin' up!"
  • Alexander's implication that Bieber is a huge MSNBC fan, along with his request that Kevin speak directly into the camera and address Bieber hair-on (har)
  • The cliched, "Are you grounded now?" discussion
  • Alexander: "Well, this may be a cyber battle, but you got some good Justin Bieber hair goin' yourself, Kevin."
  • Alexander's actual interest in this case (you can tell he's not faking it)

Aren't awkward interviews fun?!

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