The Way We Live Now: literally sitting on stacks of gold bullion. How you like that, ma? While the world fights over bus routes and the city fathers are getting evicted, here we sit, blinged, ringed, done, badumbumbum.

Everybody's buying up gold bullion! Smart investors are buying it. China is buying it. And since China is a smart investor by default, that's all you need to know. By the time you finish that sentence you should be on your way out to the bullion store, where they'll tell you to come back when you have more than $3.45 to your name.

It's the effort that counts. You're making an effort to impositivate your economic situation, which is more than you can say for most of your fellow sheep. Here are all the little people, fussing and fighting, beating each other over paltry Chinatown bus routes, cutting back on their own visits to the doctor, hoping that a penny here and a penny there will add up to wealth through the magic of compound interest.

Well it won't, not if you're not in the bullion game, which you're not.

Christ, people: City Hall is so corrupt that it's getting raided by the feds, and if it's not getting raided by the feds then it's asking the feds for a loan to build a new City Hall. It's all discombobulated and backwards as hell and if these are the people you want handling your money then brother, you're just as screwy as a grad student with an "A" in Art History and an "F" in Credit Score. That's how screwy you would be, in that situation.

Hoard gold and guns and you'll always be able to eat your fellow man.

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