A suburban Dallas police station came under attack yesterday by 29-year-old Patrick Gray Sharp, who loaded up his pickup truck and a trailer with explosives and set off a gun battle that ended with his death. Don't mess with Texans.

McKinney police Chief Doug Kowalski told the AP that Sharp pulled up to the police station in his truck yesterday morning with a trailer loaded with wood chips, ammonium nitrate, gasoline and road flares, but failed to set it on fire. His truck did ignite, with ammunition for Sharp's handgun, shotgun and assault rifle inside it. "He looked like he knew what he wanted to do. What we don't know is why he wanted to do it," Kowalski said. A gunfight broke out and ended with Sharp dead, but it is unclear whether he killed himself or died in a blaze of glory.

Sharp's roommate, Eric McClellan was out of town when the attack happened, and after expressing shock told the AP that he and Sharp liked to hunt and had a lot of guns:

We're Texans. We have the right to bear arms."

You sure do.

Here's amateur video taken from the scene:

[Image via AP]