California Congressman Duncan Hunter's opponents really want to debate him, enough that they'll starve themselves for at least eight days in protest (they're on day six now.) Will Duncan Hunter have blood on his hands?

Democrat Ray Lutz (right) and Libertarian Mike Benoit (left) want Hunter to participate with them in a series of debates starting August 25. Hunter, being an incumbent, does not want to ever debate anything, but has agreed to a couple in October.

Since August 12, Lutz has lost 14 pounds and "taken an enema to avoid toxic shock," but apparently isn't cool enough to die?

But unlike the Irish Republicans who died of starvation after hunger strikes protesting British rule in the 1980s, Lutz will only go so far. "I don't want to die - going to a debate with Duncan Hunter is not important enough for me to die," he told POLITICO on Tuesday.

Oh c'mon, Lutz, no death? It's got to be backed by a credible threat.

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