This season of Mad Men is season of new beginnings on the hit AMC series. We had the chance to talk to Mad Men star Rich Sommer, who plays Harry Crane on the series. Here's what he had to say.

Adam: First off I want to congratulate you and the cast for the multiple Emmy nominations for Mad Men. How does it feel to be up for Best Drama once again this year?

Rich: Thanks so much! Well, it's fantastic, of course. We had hoped to be recognized again this year, but certainly had no expectations of exceeding our nominations from last year.

Adam: Did you wake up early that morning to watch the Emmy nominations being announced, or did someone call you later? How did you find out about Mad Men's Emmy nod?

Rich: I overslept! I had completely planned to watch live, especially since Joel McHale was reading the nominations, but I found out via a text from my sister-in-law in Minnesota.

Adam: When the show first debuted in 2007, did you ever think it would be so well received?

Rich: Not like this, no. We knew it was something unique, and that we were very proud of what we were doing, but we never anticipated all of this.

Adam: When you first heard of this project, a show set in 1960s about an Ad Agency, what attracted you to it? How did you know you wanted to be involved?

Rich: I had heard nothing about it until I read the pilot script. It was fantastic. I had read about thirty other scripts that year, and this one absolutely stood out from the pack.

Adam: You were cast as Harry Crane, tell me what you think about the character when you first read the script.

Rich: He was one of a group of three pretty similar characters at the time. Kind of a gaggle of yes-men for Pete Campbell. So I had no idea what he would be like once he became more dimensional. I am so, so excited about where Harry has come.

Adam: Harry is a dedicated father and husband. He has been pretty much faithful to his family throughout the series (except that one-night-stand in Season One). That's a contrast to his co-workers. So how does Harry stay so clean, so to speak, with all that temptation?

Rich: I think he tasted that life, and it didn't sit well with him. He likes living at home, I guess. That's not to say it'll never happen again, but for now, he seems content with fidelity.

Adam: What's your favorite thing about playing Harry on the show?

Rich: Getting to say the words that Matt Weiner and the writers put on paper. Getting to bring to life this guy that only I will ever play. It's exciting. It's what I wanted when I set out to become an actor.

Adam: Last season, Sterling Cooper was practically invaded by the Brits. (laughs). Every character faced the fear of losing their job. Tell me what it was like in this "new" Sterling Cooper.

Rich: I think that sums it up. It didn't seem like a fun place to be, necessarily. Harry was certainly among those scared of losing his job, but he lucked out. Good thing he came up with that TV idea! (laughs)

Adam: Season three also dealt with the President Kennedy assassination. It was one of those episodes Mad Men does so well to highlight the times they were in. What was it like shooting that episode?

Rich: It was kind of amazing. The only I event I have to compare to that, where the entire nation is watching the same thing at the same time, is September 11th. So there was certainly an eerie feeling, playing that kind of simultaneous group awakening again.

Adam: Another highlight, for me anyways, of last season was the lawn-mower scene. (laughs). Tell me about that scene.

Rich: Well, it was crazy. The amount of time that went into prepping the "event" was astounding. And we got one shot at it. It was quite a day.

Adam: During the season finale, Harry was one of the few asked to join the newly formed Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. How will Harry deal with starting from square one with this new company?

Rich: I think he's finally starting to hit his stride. He's been sort of behind the ball on everything until now, and he's ascended to a place of power, of control, and I think he'll settle down a little. At least I hope so!

Adam: He will now be in competition with his former co-workers Paul, Ken, and others that were left behind when Sterling Cooper was sold. Will we see some sorts of face-off between Harry and a former co-workers? (laughs)

Rich: Well, having lived there for three years, I can definitely say that New York is a small town.

Adam: Season four will be all about new beginnings. What can you tell us about the new season?

Rich: Hmm. I can't say much. I think people who have been along since the beginning will be rewarded for all their work. (laughs)

Adam: What can we expect from Harry in Season Four? Any major changes with the new company?

Rich: He's in a new position, Head of Media, so you'll see him wrestling with and revelling in the newfound power that lends him.

Adam: To people not watching Mad Men yet, give them one phrase to make them want to watch (laughs).

Rich: I can promise that it's a unique viewing experience. I can't promise how you'll receive it, but at the very least, it's unique. So it's worth checking out. Wait, was that more than one phrase? (laughs)

Adam: Finally, I ask this to all my interviewees. What have you been watching on TV lately?

Rich: Loving Modern Family, and of course, Breaking Bad. Also, Players on Spike is hilarious. But I enjoy a bit of reality programming, as well. Top Chef, Ultimate Fighter. I'm a TV heathen. (laughs)

Special thanks to Rich for taking the time to talk to us.

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