Today at Gawker.TV, Rachael Ray and Shaq grocery shop together, Will Ferrell's Big Lake, Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence make us flash back to the 90s, and Stephen Colbert is upset with Newsweek's list of the world's best countries.

Stephen Colbert Is Furious With Newsweek's Best Country Rankings
Newsweek recently published a list of the world's best countries and Stephen Colbert is not happy with the USA's spot at eleven. Going into the study, Stephen finds that Newsweek was not looking at the categories that really matter.

Big Lake is the 21st Century's Answer to Sitcoms You've Forgotten About
From Head of the Class to Family Ties, all the formulas were there. The Will Ferrell-produced Big Lake was a parody of an entire generation of television. While this was successful on some levels, the show wasn't pitch-perfect.

Melissa & Joey is, Essentially, Who's The Boss?
In this clip from the second episode—which aired after the pilot Tuesday—stockbroker-turned-nanny Joey Lawrence is moving himself into aunt-turned-guardian Melissa Joan Hart's basement. It may be the very definition of "situation comedy," but the actors are irreverent and likable.

Rachael Ray and Shaq Go Grocery Shopping, Shaq Has No Idea What the Produce Aisle Is
Shaq challenged Rachael Ray to a burger cook-off on his show, Shaq Vs. The daytime TV chef suggested a swordfish burger. Shaq exclaimed in disbelief, fearing she might be attempting to kill him via swordfish barb ingestion.

Watch Kristen Bell Console Her Dying Pet Monster in New Yeasayer Video
The music video for Yeasayer's new single "Madder Red" is causing discussion for more than just its smooth grooves. Squeaky-clean Kristen Bell stars in the video as the owner of a disgusting pet monster that happens to be dying