This is the best new competitive reality program on TV. Uniquely creative concept? Check. Low budget production, spontaneous? Or, seemingly unscripted drama, an eccentric collection of contestants, and crazy-ass challenges? Check, check, and check! Here's highlights from last nights challenge.

Last weeks winner, Malibu, had to leave the show because of a "medical condition." What happened Mal???

At least Tsunami is still around. His I'm-a-straight-hair-stylist-REALLY! complex is so humorous.


With the theme being weddings, the Check-up Challenge was to create a hair bouquet. J-Rok won for this beautiful up-do. (Insert JROCK.jpg here)


Everyone went all bridezilla on each other this week. It was amazing. Cajmonet got caught peeking at bridal mags. Then her and Fingaz, who is one of my favorites, fought about which one was "trippin.'"

Caj got the Freeze, which takes away an hour of her work time. THEN, evidence proved she cheated, so she received an additional hour of Freeze time. Drama escalates...

Highlights from the battle consisted of Tsunami's weird stage persona and Minista's pro-gay marriage design. Unfortunately for Minista, the cake and her political pursuits all came crashing down...

During elimination, Boss copped his usual attitude about being better than everyone, but we all know that's just a front for his insecurities over his own designs. Thankfully, Derek J puts him in his place, and Boss gets the boot.