You've heard of Eat, Pray Love? Well, this live-blogging party is called Drink, Watch, Post. It only takes an hour and you never leave the couch—but it's a spiritually fulfilling journey all the same. Join us and see!

Here's all you have to do: Turn on Bravo, watch Top Chef and post a running commentary on the show in the comments section below. The rest of us will be doing the same. We're all on a quest together! Oh, and a quick scheduling note: Starting tonight, the show will air at 10 pm Eastern for the rest of the season. Apparently, following recent news of lower-than-usual ratings, Bravo thought it would be wise to change the show's start time in mid-season. Nothing like rewarding what's left of your audience by making new episodes harder to find!

I'll tell you what's not hard to find, though—entertaining and witty commentary from you folks out there who create this live blog each week. As evidence of that, here's a quick sampling of some of my favorite comments from last week's edition:

  • robina the first: Can Nancy Pelosi actually chew, what with all the Botox in her face?
  • Dot: @robina the first: She has an intern who moves her jaw for her.
  • Old Ocho: Are we absolutely sure Amanda didn't actually apply to Hell's Kitchen and her application got mixed up in the mail?
  • ScottyB: Put an RFID chip on that pea puree!
  • Six and a Quarter: Whoa! The alpha male is gone? Who is the beta?

Also, when pea puree made a return appearance this season during the "Restaurant Wars" challenge, we had fun commemorating the event by inventing faux movie titles, like "The Pea Puree Strikes Back" (from CaptainSnarky), "Pea Puree and the Temple of Doom" (from Old Ocho) and—my personal favorite—"Pea Puree 2: Electric Blenderloo" (from JonathanSafranFoyer).

If you'd like to see more highlights from last week's live blog, go read this selection I've prepared. But be sure to make it back in time for tonight's episode, which is all about the CIA. No, not the Culinary Institute of America—the other CIA! The spook-filled one. In fact, Bravo's promo description of tonight's show promises "spyjinks and mystery." I don't know what a spyjink is, do you? If you do, and you see a spyjink, let us know. And here are a few other things to watch for while you're at it:

  • The quickfire challenge will feature a surprise visit from of those creepy "agent" dudes from The Matrix. At least, I assume that's what he's supposed to be … check out this picture and judge for yourself.
  • Tonight's elimination challenge will be held inside CIA headquarters. Maybe Alex can steal some intelligence while he's there.
  • Kelly will tell us that "The CIA's kitchen is beautiful—everything is pristine, and all the equipment is state-of-the-art." Why does this not surprise me? I'll bet they have solid-gold toilets in that place, too. Our federal tax dollars at work!
  • Tonight's guest judges will be CIA Director Leon Panetta and "molecular gastronomer" Wylie Dufresne. Maybe over dinner, Panetta will ask Dufresne if he can help the CIA formulate really delicious truth serums, time-release poisons and other useful edible chemicals. I'm sure the CIA didn't build that state-of-the-art kitchen for nothing!

OK gang, it's time to head down to the comments section now, because it's nearly 9 pm. Wait, I forgot—10 pm! We had a whole extra hour to think up funny stuff this week, so this should be the best live-blog ever. I can't wait!