Tonight on The Real World, Ryan Leslieour favorite little self-loathing homophobe—was so busy! He was busy getting boners, busy being ignorant of other religions, busy becoming nauseous at the sight of a vagina, and much more. Videos inside.

While in the car with his roommates, Ryan commented that he'd gotten a random boner, and Preston seized the opportunity to poke (hah, get it?) fun at him over it:


Later, Ryan took aside a kid that he wanted to have sex with found interesting in the homeless shelter in which the roommates work and had a profound(ly awkward) discussion with him. We also learned that—shocker!—Ryan didn't finish high school:

After the shift was over, Ryan proved his religious ignorance by asking a bunch of inappropriate questions of Sahara about Islam:

Later on, Ryan sharted into a phone and thought it was OMG SO FUNNY:


Then, Ryan was physically repulsed by the sight of a vagina, because that's something that happens to straight guys all the time:

Until next week!

[The Real World: New Orleans]