How about putting President Obama on the dollar bill, instead of that old white-haired lady who's there right now? Design firm Dowling Duncan did it for the Dollar ReDe$ign Competition. Want to see their designs for the other denominations?

Besides Obama's face, the Dowling Duncan bills are graced with a teepee, the Bill of Rights in full, "20th-century America," a bald eagle, and Franklin D. Roosevelt, complete with a timeline of his legendary first 100 days. As the denominations grow larger, the size of the bills grows too, making them easier to distinguish; the bold colors serve the same purpose. Unlike our bills, these are oriented vertically:

When we researched how notes are used we realized people tend to handle and deal with money vertically rather than horizontally. You tend to hold a wallet or purse vertically when searching for notes. The majority of people hand over notes vertically when making purchases. All machines accept notes vertically. Therefore a vertical note makes more sense.

What do you think? I like them, but I'm the kind of fascist who wishes everyone would dress in uniforms that I designed for them.

[Dollar ReDe$ign via Adweek]