A poster for the second season of Eastbound and Down has surfaced. Judging from it—as well as the rumors online—it appears Kenny Powers is gracing the Mexican baseball league with his presence this season. [Image via The Daily What] More TV news inside!

In TV News...

  • A poster for Eastbound and Down has surfaced. [The Daily What]
  • Chelsea Handler will host the MTV Music Video Awards on September 12th. It makes her the first female to get the job since 2007 and the 4th woman to ever host the event. [NY Times]
  • Scott Caan suffered a torn ACL on the set of Hawaii Five-O and immediately underwent surgery. A spokesperson from CBS says that the injury will be noted in the storyline. [The Live Feed]
  • The charge of "annoying people on a beach" has been added to Snooki's list of offenses in connection to her arrest in her upcoming trial. This all just seems too perfect. [Yahoo]
  • Perhaps it's just me that's hung up on this story, but it's now being reported that Fred Armisen is dating his Saturday Night Live costar Abby Elliott. Nothing like a 43-year-old dating a 23-year-old to get over a recent divorce! Somewhere, Elisabeth Moss weeps silently. [Life and Style]
  • Why Steven Tyler would suck as an American Idol judge. [The Wrap]
  • Did you enjoy Yo! MTV Raps? Then check out these old-school collectors card collection from the show. [Cardboard Icons]
  • American Idol's Justin Guarini has found life once again on Broadway in "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown." [Arts Beat]
  • Mark Wahlberg has joined forces with controversial writer James Frey to bring HBO an hour-long drama about the porn industry. [Warming Glow]
  • Stephen Collins (known for playing the father on Seventh Heaven, less known for playing Sweet Dee and Dennis' Dad on Always Sunny) will join the cast of Brothers and Sisters as Saul's boyfriend. [Zap2it]

Around the Web...

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  • Proof in images that Jared Leto used to be Zac Efron. [Buzzfeed]
  • Forget about Microsoft Paint, you don't need it anymore. Google Doc's drawing tool is pretty much the exact same thing—and accessible anywhere! [Download Squad]
  • Have you seen the new tumblr that only posts photos of Robert Downey, Jr as a pinup model? [Pinup RJD]
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  • The story of Justin Long's months spent texting a teenage friend that he'd never met. [NY Mag]
  • The 25 funniest celebrity tweets of all time kicks off with a tweet by Roger Ebert about a woman's cleavage. [Manofest]
  • Weezer's reissue of Pinkerton on October 5th might lead to a tour of all Pinkerton songs. Said Brian Bell, "We have a reissue of 'Pinkerton' coming out with new packaging and I'm praying a 'Pinkerton' tour, where we'll play all the songs off 'Pinkerton', soon." Us too! [NME]
  • Watch the new Arcade Fire video for "Ready to Start." [Alter the Press]
  • What's the first thing you should do to guard yourself from Facebook's Places feature? Don't let other people tag you. [Gawker]