The Way We Live Now: Drucken things up. Once you're already rich, why spend your life running a hedge fund, or something equally boring? Get out and live. Run a scam! Buy a decrepit town! Rule the world, for fun!

Stanley Druckenmiller has made, let's see, hundred upon countless more hundreds of millions of dollars running a wildly successful hedge fund for 30 years, and this week he finally woke up and said, "what the fuck am I doing? I am so outta here."

Just imagine. He's not even 60 yet. He can buy himself a whole god damn string of Caribbean islands and build a sex palace on each one, if he likes. Compare that to the life of an average schmoe like yourself: stuck in a crumbling hellhole of a town, getting ripped off by your own supermarket, trying to make ends meet through bingo crime.

If only you'd dedicated the past three decades of your life to running a hedge fund, you could pay an army of Victoria's Secret models to swordfight to the death right now, for your own amusement, rather than living unnoticed in the basement of a New Jersey library for the past three years, which, let's face it, is pretty much what you've been doing.

Then again, fuck a hedge fund. A single day of freedom is worth more than a lifetime in a hedge fund office.

(Unless the value you're referring to is monetary, in which case the hedge fund career is of course far more valuable).

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