Hey guys, are on you on vacation? Well, you can't be on vacation from watching reality television programs, so come join us while we talk smack about Jersey Shore. It's more restful than a whole week at the beach!

Our eight favorite guidos are on a little trip themselves, down to Miami for the winter on MTV's dime. They don't get to pick up chicks and lounge in the hot tub all the time though. No, they have to work in an ice cream shop. And we have a job for you tonight. Turn on MTV at 10pm and start a running commentary about everything you see in the comments section below this post. When you see something worth making fun of, leave your quip in the white box and then click "Share." Congratulations, your job is complete. Then, keep refreshing the page to see all the new comments and the responses to your comments. Now you're live blogging, and you're doing it like a pro.

Here are some things to talk about:

  • Everyone forgave Trash Bags last week for the severe crime of "talking shit." How long do you think it takes before someone starts hating her again?
  • Every week Ronnie and Sammi fight and make up, fight and make up, fight and make up. This episode it looks like they're really going to get into it. Can you count how many times they argue and reconcile? This is like a really complicated math problem.
  • We have seen the "grenades," "landmines," "hippos," and "hyenas" that The Situation and DJ Paulie Disgrace have brought home from the club. What sort of ammunition or wild life will they bring home this evening?
  • Vinny is the greatest guido: discuss!

Alright, guidos and guidettes, it's time for a nice relaxing night of Jersey Shore. Get ready, and I'll see you in the comments!