Proposition 19, the California ballot initiative that would legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana, is so god damn commonsensical that it's picked up the support of the cops. Well—not the white cops.

But black cops, yes! The National Black Police Association endorsed Prop 19 yesterday. The NAACP has already endorsed it. NBPA director Ron Hampton cited, you know, overwhelming common sense as a driving factor in the decision:

"It means that we will be locking up less African American men and women and children who are using drugs," said Hampton, a retired Washington, D.C., police officer with 25 years experience. "We've got more people in prison. We've got more young people in prison. Blacks go to jail more than whites for doing the same thing."

Hampton said that the money being spent on the war on drugs could be better spent on education, housing and creating jobs. "It just seemed like to me that we have been distracted in this whole thing," he said. "We can take that money, and focus and concentrate on things that really make a difference in our community."

Hampton was immediately shot by several white cops. Kidding! They just planted a dub sack on him and tossed him in jail. Kidding. We're sure the Simi Valley PD will be coming out with their statement of support soon. As part of a mandatory court settlement for beating and framing Ron Hampton. Kidding.

[Pic: High Times]