Poster girl for early-90s Nickelodeon appeared on Today to talk about her new sitcom (that also stars Joey Lawrence—whoa!) When Hoda Kotb asks how she's so put-together, Hart reveals her current suburban life in Connecticut with her family.

Clarissa Melissa explains that "acting was always a hobby as a kid" and how these days, she and her current costar Joey Lawrence refuse to "mix life and work." However it seems that her "rise to normalcy" wasn't completely without struggle. She remembers her days on days on Sabrina, The Teenage Witch not as fondly. She says, "I found myself single and having fun in Hollywood all of a sudden... so I'm glad to be back on the East Coast and married now."


The fact of the matter here is that it's refreshing to see someone that I personally idolized on TV to grow up to be sane, polite, and like someone I'd actually want to have a conversation with. So, cheers to Melissa Joan Hart—and in her honor here's an early-90s promo for Clarissa Explains it All.