An earthquake's coming! Junk DNA is mutating! The moon was shrinking! Happiness is thinking! Active cities are slimming! A galactic volcano's exploding! And the ocean is dying! It's your Friday Science Watch, where we watch science—until it collapses, inevitably!

  • A new study provides even more evidence that California is "overdue for the type of catastrophic quake often referred to as 'The Big One.'" So look, let's just be straight here: get out of California now or don't complain when you die in an earthquake.
  • Junk DNA is like DNA you didn't even know you had and it's just sitting there till one day, kaboom, it gives you muscular dystrophy, and that's the last time you act like you don't even know what Junk DNA is.
  • A billion years ago, the moon went through a "shrinking phase." It would have been so crazy if they had invented acid back then, cause think how trippy that would be, if there also were people to take the acid and watch it.
  • People are always wondering whether we can actually just choose to be happy, with mind power. Well here's a whole thing about it but the answer is YES, so just choose it! Be happy, why not?
  • Guess what, people who live in "Active Cities" are slimmer, say scientists, who added, "And people who are scientists do science stuff."
  • What's going on in your neighborhood these days? Cause I was just gonna say, in galaxy M87 there's a "galactic super-volcano" exploding right now. But I'm sure you're doing interesting stuff, too.
  • The Atlantic Ocean is made out of plastic.

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