This week people got punked by the Biebs, fired by Bravo, Tweeted by Palin, and trashed by Apple. Let's take a look back.

Justin Bieber makes all the grownup bloggers go crazyyyyyy!!! He's Tweetin' digits at us and doin' it nice 'n' slow and bloggers love it. Though, this is troubling.

Doing less well than Justin Bieber bloggers is American Apparel, a trendy single-color battleship that everyone's abandoning. Seriously, there is no good news about American Apparel. Paramount might not be doing too good either, judging from their slate of upcoming movies. Hasbro Factory is bound to be good.

You know what is actually good? Mad Men. You know what are not good? Real Housewives shows. Especially this one. At least there's no more Danielle!

What should you do before summer is over? You should buy your new Elaine wardrobe. You should pay off those student loans. And you should eat this delicious meat sandwich.

Democrat ladies are ugly! And Republican ladies are stupid! And Stalinist dictators are totally gay!

Other than Republicans, you know who else doesn't know anything? Kids. And you know what? Their precious world wide web is dead.

Apple Computers: They're trashing their competitors. (And being a little hypocritical.) Facebook: They're turning into Foursquare. Google: They're hatching weird ideas for children.

This week in the law: Warner Bros. is suing over cheeky Harry Potter condoms. Meanwhile, don't be cheeky on the phone while your buddy's being arrested. Oh and, just let go of the damn iPad!

Cool things: Fancy aeroplanes, ice guns, space videos, ligers.

It's over! Safe weekends everyone.

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