Today we looked at how young lawyers are shit out of luck. This inspired one commenter to tell us a story about his brother, his stepmother, and some passive aggressive law school attending.

From drunkexpatwriter:

These stories make me love the fact that my idiot step-mom forced my brother to go to law school a year and a half ago (with threats of writing him out of the will) because she wanted him to "make money and not just fuck around like your big brother" when all he wanted to do was bartend.

Now, she'll have paid a fucking fortune for him to do the years and get the degree and he'll still bartend!

It also makes me glad that when she made similar threats to me years and years ago I realized dad would never let her write anyone out of the will and told her to fuck off - thus avoiding three years of hanging out with people who want to be lawyers.

That said, my brother is top of his class at Rutgers Law and thinking about transfering to Yale just to bleed her out of more money.

What he and I really love about this is that he's got a shaved head, tattoos everywhere and looks essentially like a skinhead or a Blackwater field operative and all the fucking lawyer wannabees are terrified of him - and he figures he can like triple that effect if he goes Ivy league.

He also tortures her my telling her that the only job he'd be willing to do as a lawyer is to try to get acquittals for serial killers, child molesters and terrorists.

What do you think, dear readers? Fair or foul?