Ohioan Richard Heritz was arrested earlier this month for smuggling marijuana into the Warren Correction Institution for an inmate. The thing is: Richard Heritz is 85. And the inmate who was supposed to receive the weed is his grandson, Gregory.

What was the last present your grandfather got you? Was it a birthday check for the same amount of money as your age? Maybe some socks? It was probably not 22 grams of pot:

Richard Heritz, of West Chester Twp., stepped onto the grounds of the Warren Correction Institution Aug. 13 to visit his grandson. Gregory Heritz had been incarcerated at the prison for two years, and had eight more to come from a burglary conviction out of Butler County, according to prison records.

Before Heritz saw his grandson, he was pulled aside by state troopers, who were acting on a tip they had received. A few hours later, Heritz was behind bars as well, accused of attempting to smuggle marijuana onto prison grounds.

Every single grandfather out there wearing a "World's Best Grandpa" t-shirt or sipping from a "World's Best Grandpa" mug needs to ask himself: Would I smuggle three quarters of weed into jail for my grandson? And then hang his head in shame.

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