Season two of Jon Glaser's Delocated premiered on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim by changing from a "silly comedy" to a "silly drama" according to a new Russian assassin who is hellbent on breaking Jon's spirit.

Delocated follows a protected witness named Jon as he films a reality show in New York City. During the first season, an aspiring comedian/ hit man named Yvgeny (Eugene Mirman) was unsuccessful in killing Jon. For the second season, Yvgeny's brother Sergei plans to attack the people in Jon's life, necessitating a new protection plan.


The second season also brought some other new faces, like television producer Mighty Joe Jon The Black Blonde (Jerry Minor) and Yvgeny's good friend, Todd Barry.

Critics and comedians love Delocated and the switch to a full half hour can help the show develop at a pace more familiar to viewers. Between Jon's decoys, his girlfriend's interest in the decoys, Jon's out-of-Witness-Protection family, and Sergei's desire to destroy everything Jon holds dear, Delocated is diving into its new silly drama status with gusto.