This week's episode of True Blood was disappointingly boring. Considering so many revelations this week, it's shocking that so little could happen.

This was a textbook setup episode; everything that happened this week will (hopefully) lead to more interesting and exciting things next week. Would have been nice to have had more action, like with last week. I'm sorry I wasn't around to recap last week, because that episode was action-packed. Nothing gets better than Russell Edgington ripping out a news anchor's spine on national television. Sadly, no such amazing moments this week.

But back to this week's episode. After three years of teasing, we finally learn what Sookie is.


That has to be my absolute favorite line ever. I've been waiting for years to finally vent how stupid this reveal is. Fairies, what bullshit it that? True Blood has worked to balance their racy and gory stories with some of the campier things from the books. I wondered how they could possibly make the fairy stuff work on the show. Though I don't know how far the show is going with the fairy business, at least Sookie realized how "fucking lame" all this shit is. Hopefully the characters provide more candid insights like that. Could actually make this dumb-ass arc work.

Eric, meanwhile, is planning his assault on Russell. It's looking to be more like a suicide run than a strategic take down. Obviously he's on edge.


God, I love True Blood so much for including subtitles for the English part.

Also on the vampire front, Pam is awesome. The writers have succeeded in including more of her on the show without cheapening her character. I love how straightforward and unapologetic she is.

Arlene's been sliding further and further into the anti-vampire world. Plus she thinks she's going to have an evil baby, spawn from the serial-killing seed of her ex, Rene. And while she is becoming a shitty person, Terry is one hell of a stand-up guy.

Terry needs to get away from that woman as quickly as possible and find someone good.

Speaking of good men, Hoyt made his play for Jessica. In the process, he finally gave Tommy what was coming to him.

That boy needed to be socked much sooner.

And finally, the mystery of the Hotshot trash is finally revealed. Well, revealed to all those who haven't read the books.

Surprise, they turn into bad-ass panthers!