Sen. Mitch McConnell, the Republican Minority Leader, was asked on Meet the Press Sunday if he has an obligation to the 31 percent of Republicans that believe President Obama is a Muslim. What was McConnell's answer?

SEN. McCONNELL: The president says he's a—the president says he's a Christian, I take him at his word. I don't think that's in dispute.

MR. GREGORY: And do you think—how, how do you think it comes to be that this kind of misinformation gets spread around and prevails?

SEN. McCONNELL: I have no idea, but I take the president at his word.

Oh, totally! The president says he's a Christian. Is he a Christian? I mean... I take him at his word, like Mitch McConnell. He could be lying about being a Christian. He could be a Muslim. He could be a terrorist sleeper agent. He could be a some kind of humanoid deer-being, created in darkness by Saudi warlocks. But why not take him at his word, that he's an American-born Christian human being? That's what Mitch McConnell is doing. Just taking the president at his word. How does this misinformation get spread? Don't ask Mitch McConnell! He's just minding his own business, taking the president at his word.

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