Have you heard about @whoisthebaldguy? He's this bald guy making a career out of getting celebrities to follow him on Twitter. Unfortunately, all he ever tweets about is getting celebrities to follow him, which makes following him really annoying.

Michael Krivicka has embarked on a "social media experiment." He @-tweets famous people incessantly and sets up websites like JimmyFallonPleaseFollowMeOnTwitter.com. This is an experiment in "finding a way to get a hold of people who are really hard to get a hold of." He makes videos and mobilizes Twitter armies to beseech his targets until they eventually have no choice but to follow him. Then he moves on to his next target, which means Ashton Kutcher gets stuck reading about why David Pogue should follow @whoisthebaldguy, and David Pogue gets stuck reading about why Jimmy Fallon should follow @whoisthebaldguy. It's a pyramid scheme of viral attention-seeking, and is actually somewhat genius in how radically annoying it is for those who have no choice but to follow him. So, famous people: If this man asks you to follow him on Twitter, you're screwed.

Non-famous people: You are safe for now. Michael Krivicka is sort of a mass market Alec Brownstein, and it's all very creative and amusing. But if I were a famous person, I would not follow him.

Coincidentally, this morning we declared that "social media experiment" is internet for "fameball in denial." [NYPost, Urlesque, @whoisthebaldguy, image via Michael Krivicka's Facebook]