Does Madonna's 13-Year-Old Daughter Smoke Pot? And Other Curiosities

Why did Lourdes Leon wear a marijuana-themed wristband? Lindsay Lohan may go free tomorrow. Taylor Momsen rather regrets her latest teen angst interview. Cuba Gooding Jr. parties with Johnny Weir. Tuesday gossip makes bold statements.

  • Does Madonna's 13-year-old daughter smoke pot? Lourdes Leon—who collaborates on and blogs for her mother's tween clothing line—wore Rastafarian-striped wristband emblazoned with the image of a pot leaf. Maybe she's as flirtatious with world religions as her mother? Or wanted to make that "budding fashionista" moniker literal? [Radar, image via Bauer-Griffin]

  • Tomorrow, between the hours of 1:30 and 3:30 PM PDT, Lindsay Lohan may go free. At that time, her new judge, the Honorable Elden Fox (what a name!) will issue a mysterious ruling, about something Shawn Chapman Holley argued in chambers. If life were a soap opera, the secret argument would be that Lindsay's legal woes are all the fault of her evil twin, the one who co-starred with her in The Parent Trap. [TMZ]

  • Now that Lindsay's doctors apparently don't think she's an addict, a "fuming" LiLo "is really upset that the courts put her through all this" and wants to sue them. In truth, she should send them a gift basket for reviving her career. [Fox411]

  • Shaquille O'Neal went to the Waffle House, and fell prey to one of those disgusting pranks where someone puts salt in your orange juice, and it's funny because they ruined the food you just paid for? [TMZ]

  • In the forthcoming LOL: Laughing Out Loud Miley Cyrus "loses her virginity, talks about sex incessantly, smokes marijuana, kisses one of her two best female friends on the lips, gets wasted and accidentally shows her mom, Ann, (Demi Moore) her Brazilian wax." Ann's response: "You're my daughter, and I won't let you turn into a porn star." Wise words that have never been said in the Cyrus household. [HollywoodLife]

  • Taylor Lautner is suing an RV company for failing to provide his personal trailer on time, thereby causing "emotional distress" and "annoyance." [TMZ]

  • Taylor Momsen already regrets criticizing Rihanna for "wearing fucking leather jackets, and it's really annoying." She claims "it's a misquote," but then says it's just that she meant to say something different, but is too young and angsty to handle herself in public, yet, so gawd, stop looking at me! Now your breathing on me! I'm telling mom! [ContactMusic]

  • As Michael Douglas begins chemotherapy and radiation for throat cancer, he will also be fighting his ex-wife Diandra over the money he'll make from Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, thereby proving the tagline of the movie. [P6]

  • Was Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Costa Rican "summit" an exercise in extortion ("Either do another reality show with me or I'm going to release amazing sexual content.") or are they secretly in cahoots? Heidi says they met on Costa Rica for various divorce-related reasons (transfer of dogs?) but what if they're hiding in a tropical love nest until their porno makes them rich? I don't care whether or not they're in love, just whether or not a sex tape comes out. Make a decision so the we can recover from this plague of unwanted mental images, please. [People]

  • After a "mellow" bossa nova performance at a charity event, Samantha Ronson deejayed ear-bleeding techno music, horrifying the crowd of olds. Someone called a noise complaint to the cops. Those two facts probably aren't related, but wouldn't it be funny if they were? [P6]

  • Here's an absurd sighting straight from your subconscious dreamscape: "Cuba Gooding Jr. and Andrew Giuliani looking stunned at the sight of figure skater Johnny Weir in tiny black sequin shorts at CV on Rivington Street ." I literally could not think of a more random assortment, unless you added Jerry Falwell, maybe. [P6]

  • Martin Short's wife of 30 years, retired actress Nancy Dolan, has died. She was 58 years old and had battled cancer in recent years, though it's not yet clear if that was her cause of death. Martin and Nancy have three adult children. [Popeater]