Lily's in a coma, so RJ takes dream girl, Jenny Swanson, to the dance. But things never go as planned for Berger, and the finale was no exception. Recap and one of the weirdest (best?) endings in TV history inside.

RJ and Lily promised to lose their V-cards to each other after Winter Formal and his guilt about being with Jenny at the dance, instead of with Lily at the hospital, clouds what should be a joyous evening for RJ. Miles isn't having the best night either. His hot date ends up going with Jenny's d-bag ex-boyfriend, Max, which leads him on a drunken rampage filled with embarrassing public declarations, at the dance.

Max's presence brings Jenny down, too, and the whole ordeal is pretty somber.

RJ and Jenny have a classic in-the-hallway-at-teen-dance-heart-to-heart. She confesses that she likes him because he's not like other boys, then kisses him!

But, RJ abandons his dreams of being with Jenny, and goes to the hospital to be with Lily. This is how the season finale of RJ Berger ends:

[There was a video here]

Wait, did RJ just sex Lily to death?!? Whoa, what a cliff hanger! In my opinion, I think it's pure genius to end with this genre-infusing scene that's part heartfelt teen-rom-com, and part melodramatic Grey's Anatomy-esque. I look forward to what the future holds for Hard Times of RJ Berger, and pray to the television gods that MTV doesn't cancel this gem of show.