On last night's Intervention, 23-year-old Jason did not seem too keen on recovering. He always felt neglected by his mother. Once she finally professed her love, he made the decision to turn his life around and is doing well.

Jason's addiction, which includes horrible seizures, pushed his mother to kick him out, so he lives with his grandmother. One can get a sense that his issues stem from his mother's neglect, which has been rampant since his Ritalin filled years of childhood (due to ADHD). At first he gives a very final rejection to treatment. After his mother states, "I can't watch this anymore," he screams "What are you watching?! You're never here! Nobody has ever been here!"

However, the interventionist persuades him to come back inside and listen to his mother's letter. She tearfully professes her love for her son, and he goes to treatment. We later see Jason at treatment and he looks absolutely amazing. He's happily beaming as he says, "I have been clean and sober for 63 days... and I love it. I'm just now finding out who I really am.... so now I have a vague idea and I like this person. So I'm just gonna run with it."