Today at Gawker.TV, Chelsea Handler tells Eli Roth she thought Peaches Geldolf was a stripper, NBC turns a game show into soft-core porn, and Brad Pitt is the unlikely hero of Spike Lee's documentary about a post-Katrina New Orleans.

Brad Pitt is New Orleans' Ninth Ward Superhero
Spike Lee's If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don't Rise found Brad Pitt dropping a superb A Streetcar Named Desire reference and explaining how he is single-handedly organizing the rehousing of the Ninth Ward.

The Censorship Fail That G4 Doesn't Want You To See
Ah, the beauty of live television. During last night's Attack of the Show, hosts Kevin Pieria and Jessica Chobot begin joking about a name for Kevin's penis. Delayed use of the "bleeping button" caused quite the commotion. Video inside!

Minute to Win It's Miss USA Contestant Edition Was Essentially Primetime Soft-Core Porn
Last night's Minute to Win It: Miss USA/Universe Edition, was chock-full of sexual innuendo. Besides challenges involving blowing and tissue grabbing, this has to be the most blatant example. Catch the ending where Guy Fieri examines the girls' "pedometers."

Stephen Colbert Demands Obama Prove His Devotion to Jesus
Our president needs to really work harder on seeming Christian. It just doesn't matter that President Obama is a Christian, what matters is how we perceive him, and a lot of Americans are all like, "Dude looks Muslim!"

Chelsea Handler Thought Peaches Geldof Was A Stripper
Tonight, Eli Roth appeared on Chelsea Lately to promote his new movie, The Last Exorcism. Chelsea shared a little anecdote about meeting Roth's girlfriend, Peaches Geldof.