After he rescued a drowning child, a local newspaper called "Craig Hemengway" a hero. His granny wrote them a letter: You spelled his name wrong, it's "Eric Hemenway." Turns out he's a wanted criminal, and may now go to jail.

Though he was celebrated as a hero for saving 15-year-old boy from drowning at Oregon's Detroit Lake, Hemenway has been on the run for years following a series of violations related to a drunk hit-and-run arrest in 2005. Upon realizing that "Hemengway" and Hemenway were one and the same, the sheriff arrested him:

"And I pointed out to him he left the scene at the hit and run, but he didn't leave the scene at the drowning," [Marion County Sheriff Don] Thomson said. "And I pointed out, 'Don't leave the scene of this warrant; go take care of this.'"

Hemenway will still receive a Lifesaver Award from the Sheriff. He'll just have to go back to court and deal with the crap from his DUI, too, which is unfortunate because his daughter is due to be born in two weeks, and he might miss it. Here's what he has to say for himself:

I didn't know they would be printing my name as a hero. I just thought I was doing what everyone should do. Now I'm going to go to jail because I saved some kid's life.

Moral of the Story: If you see a little boy flailing in a lake, don't save him.

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