An 81-year-old TV producer, Sandy Frank, and his 57-year-old former model wife, Brenda, were arrested for throwing glasses at each other over an insurance bill beef and accusations that the old man is sleeping around (gross).

Sandy Frank, who produced hit TV shows like Name That Tune and Face the Music, married Brenda in January. On Monday, Sandy refused to pay an insurance bill, which infuriated Brenda, who then threw a glass at the old timer. He threw a glass back at her, and the pair were arrested later that night. Speaking to the Daily News, Brenda accused the 81-year-old Sandy of cheating on her, but says she never did the same: "Honey, I don't cat around."

The paper says Sandy kept pretty quiet in court yesterday, only speaking up to say "I didn't hear," which is not very surprising given the man's age. Brenda now says she's filing for divorce and whatever. So anyway, who gets in fights over an insurance bill? Oh right, old people. But all of this is beside the point. Who the hell does their plastic surgery?


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