Spoiler alert? 30 Rock's Grizz Chapman tweeted this photo of Kenneth, the beloved NBC page, in full CBS garb. Does this mean we'll finally be rid of Kenneth this season for good? (Probably not.) More TV news inside!

In TV News...

  • Barbara Walters is planning an all-male version of The View. Who's currently up for hosting dibs? Bryant Gumbel, Alec Mapa, Jacque Reid and E.D. Hill. [TV Squad]
  • TLC seems to have found their Jon and Kate replacement—Sextuplets Take New York will feature "America's first Latino Sextuplets" (uh, okay?) living in Queens. [Vulture]
  • Holy crap! Members of The State recorded a full comedy album right around the time their MTV show got canceled. It's been unreleased.. until September 14th! [Pop Candy]
  • Here's a fun game: try to match these proud fathers with their Jersey Shore spawn! [Movieline]
  • Rob Thomas (creator of Party Down, not the singer from Matchbox 20, silly) has revealed that he's scored a pilot deal from NBC. The question is, can he recreate the magic that was Party Down? [TV Squad]
  • A Q&A with Modern Family's Tyler Ferguson on his first Emmy nomination. [Vanity Fair]
  • Billy Joel has given the Glee producers permission to use his song, "Uptown Girl." Great, another good song ruined by Gleeks. [Access Hollywood]
  • An interview with my favorite man on television, Joel McHale. Looks like Community will do an Apollo 13-themed episode! [Movieline]
  • The cast of The Biggest Loser has been announced. In the show's 10th season, it's everyone for themselves in a "pay it forward" themed season. [TV Squad]
  • Jimmy Fallon is trying to crowdsource the Emmy's by using twitter? [TV Squad]
  • David Hasselhoff will join The Situation on the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars. [Access Hollywood]
  • Rumor has it that the writers of The Office want to replace Michael Scott with someone that's already working at the Scranton branch. Who do you think should run the office? My vote is for Andy Bernard. [Movieline]

Around the Web...

  • So, this seemed quite fitting—Christina Hendricks is the new face of London Fog. But guess what's not-so-cool? Photoshopping out all of her sexy curves. For shame! [Jezebel]
  • An entire tumblr full of photoshopped Michael Cera's. [Prancing Cera]
  • Movies that would have been ruined with the existence of facebook. [Moviefone]
  • Well this is a sad state of affairs—Vampire movies have brought over 7 billion dollars to the Hollywood economy. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Sally Draper went to the hairdresser and now kinda looks like a young Drew Barrymore. [Best Week Ever]
  • Photos that depict Woody Allen's version New York. [This Recording]
  • The top 10 rape fantasy scenes from TV and Film include Mad Men and True Blood. Surprised? [Bisstree]
  • Women have beer googles, too—how does it work? [Crushable]