Want to be over-involved in your child's life, but can't spare the time it takes to smother them with attention? A service for you: A company is installing webcams at Little League games, so parents can watch from their phones.

It's called Youth Sports Live, and will help you monitor your child's every screw-up at the base, according to the New York Times:

Youth Sports Live is striking deals with local leagues around the country to make that possible by installing and maintaining Webcams at local baseball and softball fields. Games can be replayed on demand. Subscribers to the site are charged $14.95 per month or can buy access for an entire season. They can also purchase games on DVD for $19.95.

Wow! Soon, this conversation will be occurring in suburban kitchens everywhere:

FATHER: So, Timmy, saw you missed a pretty easy fly ball today at the game. What happened, buddy?
TIMMY: Wait, you weren't there. How... how did you know?
FATHER: Oh, I was on spying on you from a nearby rooftop.
TIMMY: ...
FATHER: Just kidding! I subscribe to a service that records all of your games on a webcam. Now if they could only put one of those little guys in the bathroom. What the hell do you DO in there for hours?

[Picture by Youth Sports Live]